the homo formerly known as clit-tickling penis bib (tomata) wrote in soulseek,
the homo formerly known as clit-tickling penis bib

windows sp2 users?

okay, so i just read the "read me" file that comes bundled with the soulseek test version and it says to visit this site if you're running windows xp service pack 2. i'm not currently running sp2, but the version i am running now is bootleg and i would like to purchase a version of windows xp, possibly oem because that is more affordable.

i'm not sure exactly what the given site implies, does that mean i won't be able to run the test version with sp2, or that i won't be able to run any version fo slsk? and has anyone using sp2 had any problems with soulseek, if so, how did you get around them?

edit: has anyone tried this patch and were there any problems??

thank you!
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I'm using slsk with xp2. No problems with the actual running of the program itself, but a lot of people seem to have problems connecting to me and vice-versa. I don't know if that's an sp2 thing or my idiot not-good-for-shit ISP, though.
I've got sp2 with xp on the computer where i run slsk and has always worked fine.

For people not being able to connect with you, could be issues amongst isps wich you can see by doing a trace route to the ip you cannot connect.

Also some routers has known problems with programs that run certain fw ports.

Ok, I just got up.